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Jolene Conway


Functional Testing

There are several tests that I partner with to help clients clarify areas of imbalance and deficiency, and therefore to strengthen the support of the plan that we develop together.


Some of the testing/evaluation that I may suggest when appropriate includes:

  • Food Sensitivities / allergies

  • Full thyroid panel (including looking at antibodies for autoimmunity

  • Vitamin/mineral deficiencies

  • Gut dysbiosis and pathogens

  •  Male and female sex hormone panels

  • Adrenal/HPA axis assessments

  • Genetic SNPs (including MTHFR)

  • Genetic markers associated with IBS, Chron’s and Celiac disease

  • Cardiovascular risk markers

  • Diabetic/pre-diabetic/metabolic markers

  • Candida/yeast overgrowth

Please use my contact page to reach out with any specific questions related to testing.


Note:  My support services for nutrition therapy are not for medical treatment, nor are the above testing results to be used for medical diagnosis.

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